Staff Directory
Assessor 55 Front St. 443-8336 Fax: 443-8389
Brenda Cummings Assessor
Jason Marshall Assistant
CityBus 55 Front St. 443-8363 Fax: 443-8389
Michael Peabody Facilities Director
Cemeteries 1 Oak Grove Ave. 443-8345 Fax: 443-8346
Steve Balboni Parks and Recreation Director
Craig Cunningham Foreman
Terry Hanna Administrative Assistant
City Clerk 55 Front St. 443-8332 Fax: 443-8333
Darci Wheeler Interim City Clerk
City Manager 55 Front St. 443-8330 Fax: 443-8337           
Peter Owen City Manager
Erika Helgerson Executive Assistant/HR
Marc Meyers Assistant City Manager
Lindsey Goudreau Marketing and Communications Specialist
Codes Enforcement 55 Front St. 443-8334 Fax: 443-8389
Scott Davis Codes Enforcement Officer
Debby Labrecque Administrative Assistant
Finance 55 Front St. 443-8338 Fax: 443-8397
Juli Millett Finance Director
Linda McCourt Deputy Finance Director
Susan Hunt Administrative Assistant/Payroll
Fire & Rescue 864 High St. 443-5034 (business)/911 (emergency) Fax: 443-8358
Lawrence "Bud" Renaud Fire Chief
Chris Cummings Deputy Fire Chief
General Assistance 55 Front St. 443-8335
Judy Goddard Administrator
Maintenance 55 Front St. 443-8365
Michael Peabody Facilities Director
Parks & Recreation 4 Sheridan Road 443-8360 Fax: 443-8361
Steve Balboni Director
Dana Delahanty Assistant Director
Ann London Administrative Assistant
Planning & Development  55 Front St. 443-8363 Fax: 443-8389
Ben Averill Director of Planning & Development
Debby Labrecque Administrative Assistant
Police 250 Water St. 443-8339 (business)/911 (emergency) Fax: 443-8343
Michael Field Police Chief
Andrew Booth Deputy Police Chief
Shelley Merrill Administrative Assistant
Public Works 450 Oak Grove Ave. 443-8357 Fax: 443-8352
Lee Leiner Public Works Director
Chris Wallace Deputy Director
Michael Tucker Administrative Assistant
Amanda Belanger Landfill Operator
Treasurer 55 Front St. 443-8340 Fax: 443-8396
Juli Millett Finance Director
Wastewater Treatment 1 Town Landing Road 443-8348 Fax: 443-8362
Lee Leiner Public Works Director
Bryan Levitt Deputy Superintendent