2022 Notification of Weed Control on Pavements & Sidewalks

As part of our program to control vegetation emerging from pavements and sidewalks, the City of Bath will be completing pavement crack and crevice herbicide applications this season. Herbicide applications will start in June and continue as necessary through early October. A state-certified, licensed contractor will complete the work. Target areas include municipal sidewalks, walkways, parks and parking lots. Herbicides to be utilized include include Reward Herbicide, Esplanade 200 SC and an organic herbicide, Finalsan Herbicidal Soap. 

This work is in preparation for a comprehensive SWEEP (Sustainable Weed Control on Pavements) Program. SWEEP emphasizes weed prevention to reduce herbicide usage. SWEEP will include pavement crack and crevice filling, sand removal and hand picking larger weeds. Further information can be obtained from Municipal Pest Management Services, Inc. at http://www.swamp-inc.com/municipalweedcontrol .

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