New Special Events Ordinance Will Protect Public Health, Peace, and Safety

The City of Bath’s Special Events Ordinance will become law on Wednesday, November 27. The ordinance, which was unanimously approved by City Council, seeks to promote and permit safe special events to ensure public health, peace, and safety.

The term “special event” has been defined to include any event in which attendance is anticipated to be 100 people or more, and in which the City (whether through reservation of City owned or controlled property or through an increased level of City services such as police or fire service) is involved. This includes events held on private property where there is a potential for hazards to public safety if the event is not regulated.

“This ordinance is not written to limit citizens’ Constitutional rights to assembly and free speech,” said City Manager Peter Owen. “It is written to give the City advance notice of large events where City services will be required so that we can plan accordingly and provide the necessary supports.”

In order to meet the requirements of the ordinance, event organizers will have to submit an application to the City 30 days prior to the event outlining a description of the event, including its expected impact on the City, City services, residents, and businesses. The application will be reviewed by several City departments before approval to ensure that all needs are anticipated.

“When a large event happens in the City that we are unaware of, City services such as trash removal, medical services, street closures, and, in some cases, crowd control, must be lent at the expense of the taxpayer,” said Owen. “With this ordinance we will be able to estimate costs and charge the event organizer instead of passing the bill to our residents. All told, this will result in better organized events across the City.”

Permit applications may be found online at Here or at the City Clerk’s Office, 55 Front Street, Bath. Questions may be directed to Michael Field, Chief of the Bath Police Department, at

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