New Requirements for Gas Detectors

New Requirements for Gas Detectors Take Effect January 1 

The City of Bath wishes to inform residents of a new State law that takes effect on January 1st, 2022, that requires gas detectors in some buildings. The law requires a gas detector to be installed in rooms containing an appliance fueled by propane, natural gas, or any liquified petroleum gas in:

  • Dwelling units in a multifamily occupancy 
  • Fraternity houses, sorority houses or dormitories that are affiliated with an educational facility
  • Children's homes, emergency children's shelters, children's residential care facility, shelters for homeless children and/or specialized children's homes
  • Hotels, motels or inns
  • Mixed use buildings that contain a dwelling unit
  • Stores
  • Places of assembly (bars, restaurants, function facilities and other places with an occupant load of over fifty people)
  • All rented dwelling units

The laws does not apply to owner occupied single family homes. The detector must be installed per the manufacturer’s instructions, and can be battery powered, plugged into an electrical outlet, or hardwired into the building electrical system.  

People buying a building that requires gas detectors after January 1st which does not yet have gas detectors must certify in writing at the closing that they will install gas detectors within thirty days of the closing, or before occupancy of the building, whichever is later.  

For questions, please contact the City of Bath Codes Enforcement Office at (207) 443-8334.

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