Bath City Council Hires New City Manager

From Bath City Council:

Bath, ME (October 27, 2021) - Marc Meyers will be Bath’s new city manager, beginning Nov. 3. The former assistant city manager served as the interim chief administrator since Aug. 20, following the retirement of Peter Owen, who oversaw the city’s departments and staff since 2018.

The Bath City Council formed a hiring committee in June when Owen announced his departure, opting to conduct its own search. 

The committee was led by vice chair Jennifer DeChant (Ward 5), and included chair Aaron Park (Ward 7), and at-large councilors Elizabeth Dingley and Julie Ambrosino.

The position was posted on the city website, Maine Municipal Association’s job board, as well as national outlets, and promoted through the city’s social media channels.

“We cast a wide net in attracting qualified candidates,” DeChant said. “The search committee took this process seriously. We considered the hiring of a new city manager to be one of the most important decisions we would make.”

Over 40 resumes came in over the summer from candidates across Maine, and nationwide. 

Preliminary interviews by the committee narrowed the field to 10, and by early September, the full council was invited to develop questions and participate in the interview process, conducted on Zoom, with two final candidates, of which Meyers was one.

“I am proud of the process of interviewing candidates,” Phyllis Bailey (Ward 1) said. “We all want what is best for the city, and the collaborative and inclusive process helped me feel confident in our choice.”

By early October, the search committee made its recommendation to the full council to hire Meyers.

“Marc’s experience with the city over the last 10 years is invaluable,” DeChant said. 

But more than that, Ambrosino added, Meyers has a deep love and commitment to the community and its residents.

The council agreed with the search committee’s recommendation and made its offer to Meyers, who was pleased to accept.

Meyers has worked for the city of Bath for almost a decade, beginning as the community relations coordinator in 2012. Three years later, Meyers was director of community development, and by 2017 assumed the position of assistant city manager.

He serves on the Community Development, Economic Development, Facilities, Recognition, and Transportation committees, in addition managing the city’s real estate, tax increment financing, and information technology services.

The role of assistant city manager prepared Meyers with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage a municipality. Specialized training included community development block grant, Maine Department of Transportation local project, and brownfields grant administration, managing private sector projects, as well as many other on-the-job learning opportunities.

“I love working for and living in the city of Bath. I’m really proud of the work I’ve been part of over the last 9 years.” Meyers said. “I look forward to building on a strong working relationship with city council, and leading departments and employees as we build on our successes.”

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