City of Bath 2021 Paving Program

The following streets are scheduled to be paved this Spring/Summer/Fall:

Group A - expected Spring/early Summer:

  • Middle Street - between Robinson Street and Lemont Street
  • Lemont Street - full length, and will include curb/sidewalk replacement
  • Middle Street - between Centre Street and Leeman Highway, and will include curb/sidewalk replacement
  • Getchell Street - full length
  • Franklin Street - Leeman Highway to School Street 

Group B - expected Fall:

  • Judkins Avenue - full length, following new sidewalk construction 
  • Oak Grove Avenue - Lincoln Street to Crawford Drive, following new sidewalk construction
  • High Street - Oliver Street to Denny Road (depending on replacement of retaining walls between Oliver Street and West Milan Street), and will include curb/sidewalk replacement

Please be advised that this list should be considered a plan, and not a guarantee. Problems with utilities or other issues can sometimes delay or even cancel the best plans. 

Residents may call Bath Public Works at 443-8357 to communicate any concerns.

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