Bath Police Respond to Assault with a Knife Call

Press Release

This morning, December 30th, 2020, at around 10am, Bath Police Department responded to the area of Middle St. and North St. for multiple reports of a man with a knife assaulting another man in the street.

Bath Police patrol officers immediately responded to the area, arriving within minutes, and saw several neighbors pointing down the street towards an adult male armed with two knives, acting irrationally, and posing a significant threat to public safety. Officers ordered the man to drop the knives and after the man refused, successfully deployed a Taser, striking the male and rendering him immobile until he was placed into handcuffs.

It was apparent that the armed male was suffering from a severe mental health episode. Bath Fire Department EMS units responded to assist our officers. Officers placed the man into protective custody and transported him to Midcoast Hospital for treatment.

Subsequent investigation has determined that the 35‐year‐old suspect had randomly confronted the 72‐year‐old victim in the street and attacked the victim with the knife, resulting in minor injury to the victim. Neighbors who witnessed the assault called 911. There is no known relationship between the suspect and victim.

There is currently no threat to the public.

This was a critical incident for our officers and the public. We are thankful for the public’s assistance in quickly calling 911, Sagadahoc County dispatchers’ efforts in relaying important information to our officers, and of course, our officers’ heroic actions in subduing the male before anyone else was hurt. This could have been a much more serious incident. Our officers utilized their training and equipment to safely take the subject into custody.

A criminal investigation into this event is being conducted. We are withholding the names of the individuals involved pending the completion of the investigation and for privacy concerns of those involved.

- Deputy Chief Andrew Booth

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