Info on Mailed Absentee Ballot Request Forms

Many campaigns and get-out-the-vote organizations are mailing voters absentee ballot request forms to fill out and return to their City Hall.  You are not required to fill this out and send it in, but you may do so if you wish to request an absentee ballot and have it mailed to you.  We'll have the ballots around October 3 and will mail you your ballot when we receive them.

We are starting to receive calls from voters who have already made their request by mail or phone for the upcoming election and are asking if they need to submit the form as well. You only need to request your ballot once, so if you have received the form and already put in a request for a ballot, you do not need to submit it.  If you have any concerns, you can call the City Clerk's office at (207) 443-8332.

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Samples of mailed absentee ballot request envelopes:

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