Governor Mills Strengthens Enforcement of Face Covering Requirement

Along with extending Maine's State of Civil Emergency to August 6, Governor Mills has also issued an Executive Order requiring large retail businesses (specifically those with more than 50,000 square feet of shopping space), restaurants, outdoor bars, tasting rooms, and lodging establishments to enforce the State's face covering requirement. Under the Order, municipalities may enforce the use of face coverings on streets and sidewalks, in parks and other public spaces where individuals are not able to maintain at least six feet of physical distance.

The Order may be enforced by any governmental department or official that regulates licenses, permits or otherwise authorizes the operation or occupancy of eating establishments, bars or tasting rooms, lodging operations and accommodations, businesses, buildings, parks and campgrounds. A violation may be construed to be a violation of any such license, permit and other authorization to which pertinent penalties, such as a revocation of said licenses or permits, may be assessed. The Administration has established a reporting form for alleged violations of the State’s health and safety protocols.

View the Executive Order

View the Civil Emergency Proclamation

View full press release from the Office of the Governor

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