Mercury Thermostat Recycling

Traditional thermostats from homes and businesses contain a small vial of mercury inside.  Mercury is a hazardous substance that can be released into the environment if not handled correctly.  Placing mercury containing items into your trash presents a hazard to the people involved in trash collection and processing, and when the vial is broken will release that mercury to contaminate groundwater or surface waters like lakes and ponds.

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The Bath Landfill will accept your mercury-containing thermostat.

The tip fee is $1.00

Several local retailers will accept mercury-containing thermostats for free and might even give you a coupon or cash reward.

You can try:

9 Redlon Road
(207) 443-5592

Rocky’s Ace Hardware
55 Congress Avenue
(207) 443-6089

F.W. Webb
6 Bull Rock Bridge Road
West Bath
(207) 442-7990

Ames Supply True Value
447 Bath Road
(207) 882-7710

450 Oak Grove Avenue
Fax: 207-443-8352

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