May 13, 2022 - UPDATE - Paver installation is nearing completion. Bench bases have been installed. Additional plantings have been done. Loam placement is underway. Concrete bulkhead for future pier/landing had been constructed. Electric service panel/information kiosk has been installed.



May 5, 2022 - UPDATE - Base asphalt pavement for walkways and parking lot has been installed and the surface paver installation is underway. The larger trees have been planted. The bike rack pad was constructed and the racks have been installed. Granite curb edging in the parking lot is in place. Bollards have been installed. Loam has been placed in the amphitheater area. 



April 21, 2022  - UPDATE - Granite curb installation for the amphitheater has been completed. Installation of electrical conduits, junction boxes, and light bases is underway. Grading of the parking lot under the bridge and the Riverwalk path is underway and paving is expected next week. Grading of the Guilford Lot lawn area continues. 



April 15, 2022 - UPDATE - The contractor has excavated near the south end of the project for the bioretention basin and installed the drainage piping and catch basin connection. Riprap has been installed along the shore of the Kennebec River. Granite has been installed for the amphitheater. Field drains have been installed. Grading of the Guilford lot area has begun. 



April 4, 2022 - UPDATE - The contractor, J Pratt Construction, Inc., has begun work on the project. Excavation is underway at the south end of the project to install a new catch basin, and in the middle of the Guilford Lot area for riprap placement along the river. 

Request for Proposals - Riverwalk

The City of Bath is seeking bids for construction of the first phase of the Riverwalk. The project will include construction of waterfront parks and pathways at the former Guilford Lot and the Bathport Lot and consists of constructing approximately 650 linear feet of concrete paver walkway, approximately 250 linear feet of wooden boardwalk, preparation for a future Torii Gate and plaza area, general site grading, stormwater upgrades, landscaping, site lighting, paving, pavement markings, and all other work shown on the contract drawings. Bids are due December 2, 2021.

If you are a contractor interested in bidding on the work, please follow this link to get the bid package: https://www.wright-pierce.com/project/bath-me-waterfront-parks-and-pathways/

More updates will be posted on this page as the project progresses. For questions, please call the Bath Public Works Department at 207-443-8357.

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