Paul L. Davis Bridge

Project Updates

October 19, 2020 - UPDATE - PROJECT COMPLETE - CPM completed setting detectable warning fields, longitudinal saw cutting of the deck, striping and cross walks, and applying protective coating to the deck and sidewalls. 

September 21, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM completed 1 repair at abutment 2, setting curbing, grading sidewalks, and paving of approaches and sidewalks. Detour signage and temporary traffic signals were removed and bridge was opened to two-way traffic.

September 14, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM completed common excavation and demo for sidewalk rebuilds and milled the approaches. Next week the curbing subcontractor will complete setting new granite curbing and Glidden will pave the approaches and new sidewalks. 

September 9, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM completed substructure repairs for span 2 and abutment 2 and began demo for new curbs and sidewalks (with detectable warning fields). Pre-paving meeting scheduled for next week. 

August 31, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM completed Phase 2 deck repairs and placement of the remainder of the wearing surface. They also began demo for repairs to abutment 2 and grubbing of the offramp shoulder.


August 24, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM switched traffic for phase two of the wearing surface replacement and began demo for deck repairs.

August 17, 2020 - UPDATE - CPM completed concrete placements for the Phase 1 wearing surface, sidewalk repairs, and began curing.

August 10, 2020 Update: CPM completed the installation of all approach and detour signage (including temp traffic and ped signals), completed removal of the wearing surface, Phase 1 deck repairs, phase 1 sidewalk repairs, and set up bulk heads and razor back screed for the phase 1 wearing surface placement next week.

Project Description:

The State of Maine Department of Transportation commenced work on the Paul L. Davis Memorial Bridge, located where High Street passes over Route 1, at the end of July, 2020. This work is scheduled to complete in October/November of 2020. 

Outline of work: bridge wearing surface replacement with substructure and superstructure repairs.

Project Plans


Traffic Impacts:

The Paul Davis Memorial Bridge on High Street will be restricted to one, twelve-foot-wide travel lane of one-way northbound traffic, until approximately October 7, 2020. High Street and all abutting businesses and schools will remain open and accessible. Traffic signals will be installed at the intersections of Middle Street with Commercial Street and Leeman Highway, to aid with the additional traffic detoured from High Street. The work, which includes approach work and demolition and reconstruction of the existing High
Street bridge wearing surface, will be conducted during daylight hours. There will be signs directing passenger vehicle as well as truck traffic through the project and along the detour routes. Future notice will be given when the bridge is reopened to two-way traffic.

Additional Map Details

We would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience. Please drive safely.


For any questions, please contact MaineDOT at (207) 624-3000. 

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