21-22 Sewer and Storm Drain Improvement Project

The City of Bath has started a project to construct new and modify existing storm drains and sewers on Western Ave., Academy St., and Cobb Rd. In addition, sewers will be relined near Seafarer Ln., on Commercial St., and on High St. near Academy Green. St. Laurent and Son, Inc. is the general contractor and Wright Pierce Engineers will be on site during the construction to monitor the contractor's activities and to act as a liaison for residents to ask questions an communicate concerns about the work. 

Residents should expect to see workers in the area. They will be clearing yard areas, excavating for pipes in the road and in yards, installing liners in existing pipes, repaving streets, and reestablishing landscaping. Some of this work will temporarily interrupt travel along these roads. If your property will be affected, the contractor and/or engineer will come to your home and/or leave a notice with more information. Please also be prepared for occasional dust and noise in your area. 

If you have questions about this project, please call the Bath Public Works office at 207-443-8357 or email pwinfo@cityofbath.com

This page will be periodically updated with information as the project progresses.


1/14/2022 Update: Western Ave./Cottage St. area: The contractor has cleared the right-of-way/easement. New storm drain piping and several drain manhole structures have been installed. The first segment of existing sewer has been cleaned, video inspected, and relined from Cottage St. to the east.


Dike Newell area: The contractor has installed the valve structure on the existing sewer. The gate valve has been attached to the wall of the structure. Bypass pumping is being used to move sewage flow around the project area.


12/1/2021 Update: St. Laurent & Son will be starting work in the Western Ave area on or about December 13.  They will be clearing the right-of-way, excavating to install storm drain pipes, and backfilling.  Work will include excavations in Western Avenue and Cottage Street.  The project is expected to take approximately 2 months.

Granite Inliner will be starting work on December 13.  Initially their subcontractor Inland Waters will be cleaning and video inspecting the sewer pipes to be relined.  By mid-January Granite should be installing pipe liners.  The expected order of work by location is:

  1. Central Avenue
  2. Western/Cottage area
  3. Seafarer Lane
  4. Commercial Street
  5. Western Ave/Cottage St area
  6. High Street

8/20/2021 Update: The Public Works Department held a public meeting on Thursday, August 19, at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall.

General Information
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