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What is the Face Covering Mandate?

At the January 19, 2022, City Council Special Meeting, City Councilors voted to approve an Emergency Ordinance to implement a Face Covering Mandate for the City of Bath. People (ages 2+) must wear masks when inside public places in Bath as of Monday, January 24, 2022. 

This emergency ordinance is in effect for 60 days . The City Council may revisit this ordinance at any time to determine whether or not it stays in effect. The City Manager also has the ability to issue an executive order suspending the mandate the average of new cases for Sagadahoc County drops to the U.S. CDC’s “moderate” transmission level for a period of 14 consecutive days.

Click Here to view the CDC COVID Data Tracker for Sagadahoc County.

What Does the Ordinance Say?

Starting January 24, 2022, the ordinance requires all people (ages 2+) entering public buildings in Bath to wear face coverings over their noses and mouths. Face coverings must also be worn when using or operating public transportation, including buses, trains, taxis, ride shares, vehicles for hire and any other ride services.

There are exceptions for people with medical conditions that are complicated or irritated by a face covering and anyone who is having difficulty breathing or is incapacitated. There are also exceptions based on the type of building. See “What is a public building as defined by the ordinance?” below. 

Face coverings may be temporarily removed within a public building to participate in the primary purpose of the business, like eating and drinking, with the requirement that face coverings are restored as soon as that activity is completed. 

What is a Face Covering as Defined by the Ordinance?

“Face covering” means any cloth or tightly woven fabric that can be worn on an individual’s face over their nose and mouth and substantially complies with the United States Center for Disease Control’s recommended guidance for masks, such as surgical masks, N95 respirators, double-layer cloth gaiters, or any similar mask that fits snugly around the nose and chin, has multiple layers and/or inner filter pockets, and does not let light through when held up to a light source.

What is a Public Building as Defined by the Ordinance?

“Public Building” means any building or portion of a building within the City of Bath that is regularly accessible to the general public. 

Exceptions: For purposes of this ordinance, a Public Building shall not include:

  • A private residence or residential unit
  • A public pre-school or K through 12 school (which remains under the authority of the RSU #1) 
  • A church or other house of worship
  • Office space where the occupant(s) can be physically separated from the general public, or the portions of a theater, gym, or athletic arena where all of the individuals performing, exercising, or playing have been vaccinated and where there is either space, a physical barrier, or ventilation system that separates them from the general public or audience.

If I Am Vaccinated, Do I Need to Wear a Mask? 

Please note that vaccinated individuals are not exempt from the ordinance or its requirement that masks be worn in public buildings as defined in the section above unless the business required proof of vaccination for entry.

What are the Posting/Signage Requirements to Businesses?

Each Public Building and each separate business or separate premise within a Public Building must post signage at the entrance and at other appropriate locations stating that persons entering are required to wear face coverings by order of the Bath City Council. “Other appropriate locations” can be alternative entrances (back doors, etc.) or at transaction locations such as registers.

Signage requirements outlined in this section will have an effective date of January 24, 2022.

Where can I get signage for my business?

Businesses may either print their own signage (CLICK HERE to download the poster) or may pick up signage at the Bath City Hall Clerk's Office beginning Monday, January 24, at 8:30 a.m.

How Will the Mask Mandate Be Enforced?

The first step of enforcement is to achieve voluntary compliance with the ordinance. Businesses can assist in ensuring compliance by requiring people entering their business establishments to wear a mask. People can submit compliance complaints via the City of Bath’s online reporting tool.

The City’s Codes Enforcement Officer is authorized to enforce this ordinance and can be reached by calling (207) 443-8334 or emailing The Codes Enforcement Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Bath Police Department (443-5563) is also authorized to enforce this ordinance.

Information and Resources

Face Covering Mandate - Emergency Ordinance

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Mask Compliance Online Reporting Tool 

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