Assessment Review Board

The Board of Assessment Review is responsible for hearing property tax abatement appeals. The Board conducts a de novo review of the taxpayer's appeal and renders an opinion on tax abatements that have been denied by the City's Assessor. The decisions of the Board are binding. Further appeal is before the Superior Court or the State Board of Property Tax Review

This is a standing City committee. Terms are for 3 years. Appointments made by the City Council. 

Martin W. Lakeman July 2022
Vacant July 2023
Steve Zelinka July 2021
Jeffrey Marks  July 2021
James Michael Princiotta July 2022

 To learn more about the process for applying for a property tax abatement, visit the Assessor's Abatements and Appeals page. To bring a case for hearing before the Board of Assessment Review, please fill out the application below. Note that a signature and multiple copies of the form are required for the application; this PDF application can be filled out online but must be printed and submitted by mail or hand delivery to City Hall.

Board of Assessment Review Fill-In.pdf

55 Front Street

Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Brenda Cummings
Assistant Assessor
Jason Marshall