The Bath Police Department has 19 sworn law enforcement officers (13 officers assigned to patrol, 3 detectives, 1 SRO, and administration of Chief and Deputy Chief) and 5 civilian employees. We are currently working to become a Maine Accreditation agency. 

Our Department affords you many opportunities for training and advancement. You may choose to pursue, for example, the position of Drug Recognition Expert, Field Training Officer, SRO, Motorcycle officer, Bike patrol, or a supervisory position. We have access to the latest police technology and equipment to make your career safe and rewarding. We emphasize our progressive, community-orientated philosophy and encourage officers to be part of that image. We have officers that coach sports, serve on community organizations, and engage with the community in numerous ways.

Open Positions

2/27/2020 - The Bath Police Department is currently hiring an Animal Control Officer and a Patrol Officer.


Salary: The average salary of a first year officer is approximately $47,000 with the potential to make more. The average salary of a fifth year officer is approximately $66,000 with the potential to make more. (Lateral hires with five years of experience start here.)

These figures include:

  • Educational incentive for an Associate or Bachelor degree
  • Physical fitness benefit up to 40 hours comp time
  • Stipend for FTO, K9 and Harbor Master
  • Paid court time (minimum four hours)
  • Abundance of optional overtime jobs with a rate of $45/hour for outside details and 1.5x your hourly rate for City jobs

Retirement: Through MainePERS, after completion of 25 years you make earn 2/3rds of the average of your three highest years for the rest of your life. 

Clothing Allowance: $650/year for the purchase and replacement of uniforms and gear.

Time-Off: You will start off receiving two weeks of vacation time off after your first year. An additional week of vacation is after completing your 5th, 15th, 20th, and 24th year. You can earn additional time off as well: Compensatory time at the rate of 1.5 hours may be earned for each hour of overtime worked. 

You will have 12 sick days a year. Earned at 10 hours per month.

MainePERS Life Insurance: Up to four times your annual salary.

Employer Paid Health Insurance: For employee with optional family plans:

  • POS-A Traditional Point of Service - Anthem HMO Choice
  • POS-C Comprehensive Point of Service Plan - Anthem HMO Choice
  • PPO-500 Anthem Blue choice PPO with an employer funded HRA to assist in covering deductibles, co-insurance, and/or co-pays.

Dental Insurance: Coverage through New England Delta Dental.

Vision Care: Through Maine Municipal Employees Health Trust.

Optional Income Protection Plan: (Short Term Disability) covering upwards of 70% of your weekly salary. 

Long Term Disability: Administered through MainePERS at no cost to you. 

Hiring Process 

A hiring process booklet will be available for download shortly. Please check back soon or contact Deputy Chief Andrew Booth at


How long does the hiring process take?
The entire process can take three to four months, however, it has been shortened in the past. Please see the hiring process description.

What is the minimum age to be a Police Officer?
You must be at least 21 years old, or 20 years old with an Associate’s Degree.

How physically fit must I be to be a police officer?
You must be reasonably fit and able to pass the MCJA fitness Standards explained under the hiring process. You are also required to pass the MCJA fitness standards annually once hired. 

What is the minimal alert test score?
Bath Police require a minimal passing score for the MCJA ALERT of 45.

Do I need to have a college degree?
A degree is always a plus, however, it is not required. You must be a high school graduate or equivalent. 

Do you hire Veterans?
Yes, veterans are encouraged to apply. 

Do you stay at the Police Academy while training and will I be paid?
While at the MCJA you will be paid by the department. The Academy is an 18- week program and you will be there Monday through Friday, being allowed to go home on the weekends.

What if I am already a certified Police Officer?
Bath is always looking to hire experienced officers, streamlining the process, and potentially compensating you for prior experience. We offer lateral entry as well. 

I have smoked marijuana in the past. Can I still be a police officer?
As it is still illegal federally, you cannot be currently smoking marijuana. There is no set amount of time from when you last smoked, however, two years is a good guide.

What are possible automatic disqualifiers for police officers?
Certain drug use, criminal history, poor financial management, a negative driving record, and previous terminations from by other employers may be disqualifiers.

What does a starting police officer make?
The average starting police officer, with minimal amount of overtime, can make $44,000/year. It is quite possible for a first year officer to make much more than this.


For more recruitment information, please contact Deputy Chief Andrew Booth at

250 Water Street
Fax: 207-443-8343

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Chief of Police
Michael Field
Deputy Chief
Andrew Booth
Administrative Assistant
Shelley Merrill