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Permits & Applications

Appeals to Zoning Board Blasting Permits Building Permits
Applications needed for approval of conditional uses and variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals. All blasting requires a blasting permit, and can only be done by properly licensed and insured parties. A building permit is required for the construction, demolition, or structural alteration of buildings.
Business Licenses Electrical Permits Fill Permits
Business Licenses are required for several types of businesses, including gas stations, gaming, second-hand merchants and food service.  Permits are required for all new electrical work including rewiring/electrical renovation work. Filling or "making land" requires a fill permit if the activity involves deposition of over 50 cubic yards of material. These projects typically also require Planning Board Review.
Flood Hazard Area Development Permits Handouts and Specifications Heating Permits
Development within a flood hazard area requires a permit, including a site plan and associated drawings. These are handouts and specifications.  Heating Permits are required for the installation of oil fired heating plants, both new and replacement, and for the installation of new and replacement oil storage tanks. 
Home Occupation Permits Land Use and Planning Applications Landfill Permits
A permit is required for a home occupation, when a business is operated from a residence. The Planning & Development Department facilitates the review of development proposals and ordinance amendments related to the use of land. Landfill Permits from the City Clerk's Office are required to enter the landfill for both waste disposal and recycling.
Plumbing Permits Sidewalk Vendor Licenses Sign Permits
Plumbing Permits are required for all new and relocated internal plumbing. A sidewalk vending license is required to vend in the public way, such as for mobile food carts. Sign permits are required for the placement of permanent regulated signs.
Street Opening Permits Park Use Application Chicken License
A street opening permit from the Public Works Department is required to excavate in a public right of way.  Please use this form to request use of any Park facility or the Library Park Gazebo. A chicken license is required for a small-scale flock of chickens.