High Street Projects

The Bath Public Works Department will soon be starting two projects on High St.

The first to start on approximately July 18 will be a storm drain improvement between Denny Road and Park Street. A new storm drain will be installed along the west side of the road. There are three storm drain catch basins in the Park Street/High Street intersection. These drains are currently connected to the sanitary sewer system. During rain storms, the flow degrades the operation of the sewer potentially causing overflows. The drains will be connected to an existing storm drain near the Denny Road/High Street intersection. This project will last about one month depending on weather.

The second project will start on approximately August 1. It will be a replacement of a series of retaining walls along the east side of High Street between Oliver Street and West Milan Street. Five different retaining walls will be replaced. Following replacement of the walls, the existing sidewalk will be removed and replaced. Finally, High St. will be repaved between Beacon St. and Prospect St.  This project will last about two months depending on weather. 

It is not anticipated that either project will require the full closure or detour of High Street for extended periods. There will be short periods when building materials will be moved with heavy equipment, and during the paving operation, when traffic may be temporarily stopped. 

For more information please contact the Bath Public Works Department at (207)443-8357.


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