Building Permits

Building permits are required for certain construction projects. They are required so we can review the project and make sure it meets applicable codes before construction begins.

Applying for a Building Permit:

  1. Complete the building permit application. Fill in all applicable blanks. The form is a one-size-fits-all form. There may be unneeded spaces, or there may not be enough. If you need more space, you may use a separate sheet(s).
  2. Make sure to sign the permit.
  3. If you have drawings, plans, etc. showing the work, provide two copies of them. One we keep and one we return to you with the permit.
  4. Provide a site diagram showing the property lines, buildings, and the work you are seeking the permit for. This does not need to be professionally prepared, but it needs to be neat and accurate. It can be to scale, or not to scale with dimensions noted on it. The most important dimensions are the size and distance to the property lines of the proposed structure.
  5. If the permit is for a new house, a sewer or septic system permit must be secured prior to or concurrently with the issuance of the building permit. Sewer permits, to connect a building to the public sewer system, are obtained at the Public Works Department, 450 Oak Grove Avenue, Bath, 443-8357. Permits for private septic systems are obtained from the codes officer. The application form/system design must be prepared by a licensed site evaluator. Plumbing, electrical, and heating permits can be issued at the same time as the building permit, or subsequently. Other than a homeowner doing his own work in the house he is or will be living in, all plumbing, heating, and electrical work must be done by properly licensed persons, and those persons must apply for the permits.
  6. Submit the application, site plan, and any other materials, with the fee (if you have calculated it – remember to round down to whole dollars) to the Codes Office. It is useful if you provide a phone number we can reach you at in case we have questions.

The Codes Officer will review your application. If the application is complete and the project meets the applicable requirements, he will issue the permit. If there are questions about your application, he will contact you. Apply for your permit well before when you want to start construction. Some projects require review by other authorities, such as the Staff Review Committee or Planning Board. This takes extra time. The project must be started within 6 months of the permit being issued, and the permit expires if work on the project lapses for 6 months. Once issued, we typically mail the permit to the applicant, but you can arrange to pick the permit up if you prefer. Do not start construction until the permit has been issued. Doing so is illegal and will cause you to pay a fine, assuming your project can be permitted. If it cannot, you will have to tear down what you started. 

If you have questions or need more information, contact the Codes Enforcement Office at (207) 443-8334.

Building Permit Application

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