Landfill Project

Construction Area

Projects during the 2016 and 2017 construction seasons at the City’s Landfill are expected to extend the life of the facility for another 11 years.

New cell construction (Phase 3) with leachate and gas collection systems is taking place in 2017. The plan also includes converting an existing leachate surge pond into waste disposal area, greatly increasing the capacity of Phase 3 of the Landfill. 

Prior to 2003, the City’s landfill operated as a “dump”. Waste materials were placed on the ground. New waste was placed on top. Water moving through the waste became leachate and entered the groundwater, causing contamination. Landfill gas escaped as necessary. 2003 was the end of the dump. During that year the city invested in its first liner system, creating a secure landfill, Phase 2 of the Landfill. Layers of plastic and clay were installed to prevent any additional leachate from contaminating the groundwater. New waste was placed on top of the liner and the leachate was collected in pipes installed into the waste and pumped to the wastewater treatment plant. These were disposal cells 2-1 and 2-2.

In 2007 the City constructed a landfill gas collection and management system. Thousands of feet of plastic pipe were buried in the waste and connected to a fan. The fan sucks the gas out of the landfill before it has a chance to escape to the air. This largely eliminated odors caused by the gas. The gas is burned in a flare.

In 2008, the second portion of secure landfill was built adjacent to the first portion. This area was called cells 2-3 and 2-4. Waste placement has continued in these cells. It is expected that these existing secure cells will be full by late 2017.

The new cell proposed in Phase 3 would open to disposal of waste in fall of 2017.

The landfill will continue to accept waste during the construction.

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