Printable Version - Registered Republicans Needed for November Election

July 25, 2019

The City of Bath is in need of Republican Election Clerks willing to work at the polls for the November 5, 2019 Election.  Close attention to detail is necessary when working an Election.  Clerks are paid $11.00 per hour.

To be an Election Clerk, you must be a registered voter of Sagadahoc County.  State Statute requires a balance of Democrats and Republicans, which must be maintained at the polls.  A mandatory training session will be required a couple of weeks prior to Election Day in which you will be compensated as well.

If you are interested in serving your community, please contact the City Clerk’s Office by calling 207-443-8332, Ext. 1200 or please stop in at the Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 55 Front Street.

Thank you!

Mary C. Howe
City Clerk
City of Bath

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