Amendments to City Refuse Ordinance Include Curbside Collection Eligibility; Price of Trash Bags

Date: October 22, 2019
Bath, Maine 04530

Bath City Council voted to approve amendments to the City’s Refuse Ordinance, which will go into effect on Wednesday, October 23. The amendments include eligibility changes to the City’s curbside collection program and a cost increase to City Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) trash bags. The changes seek to not only address the increasing costs of Bath’s landfill, curbside collection services, and continued subsidization of the landfill fund by tax revenues, but to also incentivize recycling and composting.

The existing curbside collection program of waste includes residential property of one or two units. After considering input from local commercial property owners, Councils approved a recommendation from the City’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee to accept residential properties up to six units. The change will only affect the collection of waste, since the current program already includes collection of recyclable materials from all residential properties, regardless of size.

Curbside collection will no longer be available on Centre and Front Streets in the immediate downtown. Increased waste collection from the rest of the City will put additional strain on the landfill, so a limit of four waste containers per week per residential unit has also been approved. Previously, residential units were allowed six containers.

The final amendment to the Refuse Ordinance concerns the PAYT program. PAYT trash bag pricing, which has not changed since 2007 when the program was established, will now increase by 10 cents. This will bring the cost of 15-gallon bags to $1.35 and 30-gallon trash bags to $2.10. A second increase of 15 cents per bag will take effect on January 1, 2021, and an automatic increase of 5 cents per bag per year will be implemented for the 10 years following. 

Questions about these changes can be address by the Bath Public Works Department at 207-443-8357.