Tax Club registration open

Date: July 1, 2018
55 Front St.
Bath, Maine 04530

Tax Club enrollment forms are available in July of each year in the Treasurer's Office and are due by August 15. Taxpayers must be current on  taxes and the property must be the taxpayer’s primary residence in order to be eligible to participate in Tax Club. Tax Club is not available on commercial, industrial, personal or rental properties. 

The Tax Club is a program that allows residents of the City of Bath to spread out their property tax bill in 12 monthly installments instead of a single payment.

The Council approves an order each year that reads in part:

"Be it order by the City Council of the City of Bath, Maine as follows: That the Finance Director, serving as the appointed Treasurer and Tax Collector, be authorized and empowered to continue a tax payment plan known as the "Bath Tax Club", making payments in a method, frequency, and manner set by, and in accordance with, the rules of said Tax Club as determined by the Finance Director..."

For more information regarding Tax Club and eligiblity, please contact the Treasurer’s Office at 443-8340 or click here.