City receives USDA Rural Development funding

Date: February 27, 2018
1 Town Landing Road
Bath, Maine 04530

The City of Bath has received a grant of $2,300,000 and a loan of $6,500,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program to improve its wastewater system.

The City is committed to providing dependable services for its users, while at the same time ensuring the local environment is adequately protected from untreated wastewater. The Sewer Department serves 3,218 users and is requesting $8.8MM in Rural Development assistance for infrastructure improvements in its greater downtown area. The proposed project is to rehabilitate the City's wastewater treatment facility, upgrade some aging sewer collection infrastructure, and to correct some Combined Sewer Overflow abatement issues.

The treatment plant was originally constructed in 1971 and was upgraded and expanded over the course of two projects in 1993 and 1997. Some of the plant's original equipment and processes are upwards of fifty years old, and the overall facility is well beyond the twenty-year useful life for which it was originally designed. The plant is now at an age where it has a greater chance of equipment failure and it has incurred increased maintenance needs. Several key unit processes at the plant are inefficient, inadequate, or obsolete. The rehabilitation improvements address the aging infrastructure and capacity issues in the project area, as well as restore the design capacity of the facility at a reasonable cost. The proposed upgrades, which are long overdue, will help the system operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as address the Maine Department Environmental Protection's health and sanitary concerns. 

The upgrades included in this project represent the highest priorities identified in the City's Strategic Plan and Combined Sewer Overflow Master Plan, and will have the greatest benefit to the distribution system.

The total project cost is estimated at $9,800,000. Rural Development will be investing $8,800,000 ($6.5MM Loan & $2.3MM Grant) and the City of Bath will be contributing $1,000,000 towards the project.