Landfill FAQs


Landfill FAQs

What is the Landfill telephone number?

(207) 443-8356

What are the operating hours?

Monday through Friday; 7:30am - 4:00pm

Where is the Landfill located?

11 Detritus Drive. Follow High Street to the north end where you’ll see signs to turn left.

Why do we need a permit system?

City policies apply differently to residents, non-residents, and businesses.

How do I get a resident or non-resident landfill permit?

Come to the landfill and tell the scale attendant you would like a permit.

How much does a permit cost?

There is no fee.

What will be acceptable proof of residency or property ownership in Bath to obtain a Resident Permit?

Current property tax bill, a current utility bill, OR a current vehicle registration AND a matching picture ID.

Can I recycle without a permit?

No, we need to collect information on where our materials come from.

How do I get a commercial landfill permit?

You must call or visit the City Clerk's office in City Hall. (207) 443-8332.

Can I salvage materials at the landfill?

Picking or salvaging is prohibited at all times. Occasionally a firewood pile will be available for public consumption. 

Where can I get a Bath Tub (recycling bin)?

Tubs are available at the Bath Landfill. You don’t have to have a blue bin; you can use any other container for recycling as long as it is clearly marked. You can get a recycling sticker for your other bin at the landfill or City Hall.