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Division of Collections and Treasury

The Division of Collections and Treasury is responsible processing taxes and fees for both City and State.  They handle tax collection, including excise taxes, property taxes, and personal property taxes.  They process the fees, fines and dues for city departments including Police, Recreation, Landfill, School Departments and the Skatepark, as well as the Bath Water Districts’ liens and foreclosure payments. 

They act as an agent for the Maine State Department of Motor Vehicles and Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  These duties include processing fees for licensing motor vehicle registrations (including cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles) and offering the State of Maine’s Rapid Renewal online registration through the city website. 

The office works according to Maine Municipal laws to process liens, lien releases and foreclosures on municipal properties. They respond to routine calls from mortgage companies, law offices, banks and title researchers to provide status checks on property tax accounts.  

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