Purpose and Mission Statement


Purpose and Mission Statement
It is the purpose and mission of the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee to advocate for healthy and safe bicycling and walking in Bath and in the Bath region for the purposes of transportation, recreation, a vibrant economy, and improved health.

The Committee members, other than the City Council member, are appointed by the City Council. All members must be Bath residents. The City Council member is appointed by the City Council Chair.

Committee Members
The Committee consists of seven members, plus a City Council member, and the following categories must be represented:
At least one member representing bicycling interests. At least one member representing walking interests. At least one member representing health interests. One member representing Bath Trails. Ex Officio Members: The Directors of the Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and Planning departments will serve as ex officio members with no voting authority. Staff Support: Staff Support will be provided by the Planning Office.

Each committee member serves a 3-year term and may be reappointed for additional terms. Initial appointments are 3 members for 3 years, 2 members for 2 years, and 2 members for 1 year. The City Council member serves a 1-year term.

The Committee has the authority to elect a Chair, Vice Chair, and other officers as may be needed and to determine its rules of procedure.

The Committee is tasked with the following:
Overseeing the implementation of the 2011 Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.
Updating the plan as needed.
Advising the Public Works, Planning, Police, and Parks and Recreation departments on new needs as circumstances change.
Recommending capital improvement projects to be submitted to the City Manager for possible inclusion in the City’s Annual CIP.
Advising the Planning Board, as appropriate, on Comprehensive Plan revisions and on their reviews of development proposals.
Working with representatives of the Regional School Unit 1 to accomplish the common goals of developing a healthy lifestyle for RSU 1 students.
Working with other committees and other municipalities to pursue regional bicycling and walking goals.
Identifying and pursuing outside funding opportunities to meet the priorities stated in the Plan.
Undertaking community outreach and education.