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North Street Reconstruction Project - Phase 1

*** The City of Bath invites you to a public presentation about the upcoming reconstruction of North Street, from High Street to Washington St. The purpose of the meeting is to review the preliminary plans, construction timeline, and expected impacts of construction.

The meeting will be held from 5:30pm - 6:30 pm on August 29, 2017 in the Basement Conference Room of City Hall.  City Hall is located at 55 Front Street in Bath, Maine. All interested persons are welcome to attend.

Additional information is available by visiting or by calling the Planning & Development Department at 207-443-8363. ***

The City of Bath will be redesigning and reconstructing portions of North Street during upcoming summers.

Project Summary and General Information

The project goals are to improve the roadway surface, provide safe and continuous pedestrian areas, and improve the appearance and quality of life along the corridor.  Providing safe spaces for all modes of travel is an important part of this project.

The project is anticipated as a phased project, with the initial phase consisting of the redesign and reconstruction of the roadway from Five Corners (Lincoln/Oak Grove/Congress Intersection) to High Street.  The second phase will be from High Street to Washington Street.  As right-of-way width allows, the street will be narrowed, landscaping will be added, and lighting will be improved.  A continuous and safe sidewalk will exist the entire length of the project area.

Funding for this project will be shared between the City of Bath and the State of Maine.


North Street History

Why is North Street so wide?! Thanks to the Bath Historical Society, we have some insight into why the street was constructed as wide as it is today.  Check out this BHS newsletter from 1992, which culls from the Bath Daily Times information about the construction of the street.


Project Updates

January 2015

The City of Bath held a public meeting to discuss the upcoming work this summer.  The meeting was held January 28, 2015 in the City Hall Basement Conference Room.  Approximately 35 interested individuals attended.  A summary of the meeting can be reviewed here.

The following documents were reviewed and discussed:

Conceptual layout plan

Conceptual cross section

March 2015

City Staff continue to work with Wright-Pierce engineers and landscape architects; a 50% draft of the plans is under review.  

A finalized copy of the Traffic Engineer's report is available for review here.

April 2015

Survey work for utility replacement and relocation activities is on-going; boring log and survey data will be incorporated into the North Street Reconstruction plans and inform replacement and enahcement projects of the Bath Water District.  Property owners and North Street travelers will see crews working in and adjacent to North Street, from Five corners to Willow Street.  

The designs are expected to be complete in May, with bidding to be complete by the end of that month.  Construction would commence thereafter.

May 2015

Wright-Pierce has finalized the bid package and plans; the project is available for bid.  A pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00am on May 12 at City Hall.  Details for contractors interested in bidding on the project are available on Wright-Pierce's website, including the submission deadlines and bid opening date (May 26, 2015).

The Advertisement to Bid can be reviewed here.

June 2015

Beginning the week of June 8th, Distribution Crew members of the Bath Water District  will be in the area making preparations for the water main and service line upgrades being completed on North Street. During construction some homes will need to be put on temporary water in order for the district to keep these customers in service. The temporary water lines will be laid out on top of the ground and connected to homes through outside hose bibs. The crew will try to locate the piping so it doesn’t interfere with daily tasks (lawn mowing, gardening, etc.) when possible. Once the temporary water lines are tested and put into service the water line replacement in the roadway can commence. Crooker Construction will be doing the installation of the new water main. Residents will be notified in the coming weeks of the construction schedule. This project will be a major upgrade to the distribution system. We will be increasing the pipe size from 6” to 8”, providing better fire flows to the hydrants in the area and removing older less reliable cast iron pipe with new ductile iron eliminating costly water main repairs.  If you have any questions concerning this portion of the project please call the Bath Water District at 443-2391.

A pre-construction public meeting was held June 11.  Present were representatives of the contractor (H.C. Crooker), the City (Public Works Director Peter Owen and Planning & Development Director Andrew Deci), and designer (Jennifer Claster of Wright-Pierce Engineering).  The project timeline and impacts were reviewed with attendees.  

The final design of the street is available for review here.  

Construction began June 22, 2015 and is to be substantively complete by Fall 2015.



CMP trucks and employees relocate overhead utilities.


H.C. Crooker is the contractor for this project.  

Waterline replacement work was coordinated by the Bath Water District.  BWD has issued a notice to their customers and is providing updates on the project.  As of July 30, 2015, the water main replacement stage of the project is complete.

As of July 30, 2015 milling of the road surface has begun.  During this time, rolling street closures may be in effect.  Milling removes the top surface of asphalt and requires grinding machines that may produce dust and noise.  Your patience is appreciated.

Public comments are welcome and encouraged!  Please direct your thoughts to Andrew Deci, Director of Planning & Development; or 207/443-8363.