The Bath Landfill provides a safe, environmentally sound, affordable, and convenient place for disposal of solid waste to the residents and businesses of Bath and several nearby communities. 

Landfill Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday; 7:30 AM - 4 PM

Last commercial load in by 3:30

Contact Information:

11 Detritus Drive at the north end of High St.

Telephone: 207-443-8356


A permit is required to enter the landfill for both waste disposal and recycling. 

  • Residential permits are available free, at the landfill.
  • Commercial permits are available at the City Clerks Office, 1st Floor, City Hall

All permits are valid for 2 years on a fiscal year basis (July 1 - June 30)

Residents of Bath and owners of property in Bath can get a resident sticker by showing a picture identification and one of these:

  • Utility bill showing the name and address in Bath
  • Vehicle registration showing the name and address in Bath
  • City property tax bill showing name and address in Bath
  • Residents of other towns can get a non-resident sticker by showing a picture identification

Contractors, Commercial haulers, and businesses can get a commercial permit by paying the appropriate fee:

Commercial Disposal (Type 2A) $75 per truck annually
Contractor (Type 2B1) $45 annually
Business (Type 3) $25 annually
Single Project (Type 2B2) $25 per project






Please call the landfill (207-443-8356) ahead of time if you have questions about rates for items not listed below.

Resident Fee's:

Type Cost
DEMO $115.00/ton
METAL $75.00/ton
BRUSH $20.00/ton
SHINGLES $85.00/ton
RECYCLE BIN $10.00 per bin

Non-Resident Fee's

Type Cost
DEMO $115.00/ton
METAL $95.00/ton
BRUSH $70.00/ton
SHINGLES $90.00/ton
LEAVES $20.00/ton

Fee's for Both Residents and Non-Residents

Type Cost
TV, Computer Monitor $10.00 apiece
Computer Tower $3.00 apiece
Mouse, Keyboard $2.00 apiece
Couch, Mattress, Boxspring, Stuffed Chair $10.00 apiece
Tire $5.00 apiece
Tire with Rim $7.00 apiece
Truck Tire $10.00 apiece
Heavy Equipment Tire $0.15/lb, $25.00 minimum
Car Battery $5.00 apiece
20lb Propane Tank $2.00 apiece
Over 20lb Propane Tank $21.00 apiece
Helium Tank $5.00 apiece
Fire Extinguisher $5.00 apiece
PCB Ballast $7.00 apiece
Mercury Thermometer/Thermostat $1.00 apiece
Mixed Load $300.00/ton

Acceptable Wastes:

The following items are accepted for burial in the landfill:

  • Solid Waste
  • Construction & demolition debris
  • Household refuse
  • Bulky waste
  • Contaminated recyclables

Please be aware that Bath City Ordinance prohibits the dropoff of household refuse by residential customers at the landfill.  The curbside collection service should be utilized.

These items are not accepted for disposal:

  • Liquids
  • Septage
  • Agricultural waste
  • Universal waste
  • Hazardous waste, except for small quantities of household hazardous waste mixed with general refuse
  • Unpermitted special waste
  • Junked or abandoned vehicles
  • Asbestos and asbestos containing wastes unless specifically authorized by the MDEP
  • Contaminated soil
  • Paper mill or tannery sludge
  • Dead animals
  • Medical and other potentially infectious or pathogenic wastes
  • Sandblasting grit
  • Industrial process wastes
  • Industrial fly ash and bottom ash
  • Oily waste
  • Sheetrock

Any other wastes not specifically mentioned in the Operations & Maintenance manual or otherwise deemed unacceptable by the City or MDEP

These Special Wastes are accepted with conditions.  Please call ahead:

  • Catch basin grit
  • Dewatered backwash filtrate from Bath Water District
  • Street sweepings
  • Grit & screenings from Bath Wastewater Plant
  • Dewatered sludge from Bath Wastewater Plant
  • Non-friable asbestos

Frequently Asked Questions