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Community Forestry Committee

Meets the first Monday of each month, 5 p.m. at Bath Recreation Department, 4 Sheridan Road, Second Floor. This is a standing committee. Appointments are made by council. Terms are indefinite with a three-year commitment. 

Julie Ambrosino, City Councilor, Chair October 2023
Thomas Barrington October 2021
Bruce Brennan October 2021
Timothy Pratt October 2021
VACANT October 2021
James Hummer October 2022
Harold Sonia Jr. October 2022
Myra Keeble October 2022
VACANT October 2022
Cheri Brunault October 2023
VACANT October 2023
Ex Officio  
City Arborist  
Parks and Recreation Director  
Tori Jackson Advisor
Aaron Park City Councilor